Sunday, August 9, 2009


A few thoughts on being bad....:))

Now, as we all have to function, at least in part, with other Humans in the so-called real world, we are constantly modifying and self-censoring our behaviour. So it is only natural that the part of our psyche which is labelled BAD by current social and legal framework is often, at least by the courageous amongst us, allowed to blossom in the freedom of Virtual Worlds.

I have known people who are so shocked by their own badness that they have left this new life and retired back into the shell of their old existence.......shame.

The Diamond Sutra by the Bhudda says “Goodness is just another name”, and, generally Eastern philosophies see Yin and Yang as equally vital parts of Nature. It is rather more traditional religions that force us into wanting to sweep the more animal sides of our existance under the carpet. these few photos I have selected this week celebrate the “bad”....

This is particularly glorious, I think, as IMVU is designed as a cute, “fluffy”, nice world where avis are a bit “Disney’ and overly PG for the most part.

Hats off then to siq 101 for creating someone who you wouldn’t want anywhere near your bedside....armed with medical tools or not.

Turning things on their heads is an important duty of any artist...... Cynical Nurses Can Be Scary...... indeed

....well, I think I wouldn’t really want to meet Deb when she was in a bad mood, she doesn’t really look like the sort of girl you’d talk about interior design with.... but then, I could be wrong.... certainly an unsettling lady, maybe unbalanced....... totally excellent portrait from the Sims by Piccolouomo

We Didn't Do It ...yeh,....right.....of course not...:))

Whether its conspiracy, drugs or random criminality, this room is a hang-out of some definitely dodgy characters. I can almost smell the smoke and sex.
The use of light reminds me of an old Dutch Master and is more “immersive” than all the interactive gimmicks, tricks and tom-foolery that is normally thrown at us in the name of art.

An old favourite of mine by Rockerfaerie

Violent doll has many images which I could have chosen for this post, she seems to understand that avis need to have character.....and that a bad attitude is a thing of beauty.

I Am Evil Lie

This girl would bring out the worst in anyone I think.

Is it just me or does she ooze sexual malpractices?? mmmm hmmmm...

So, in conclusion, my advice to all virtual pioneers....get out there and BE BAD..... far better than being boring.


and if you have stuff for me to look at, please feel free to email me ....


Anonymous said...

Very cool Soror!!!

It's good to be bad. . .
Healthy as well. . .

Always necessary to constantly re-examine and re-evaluate our codes of morality. . .

And more importantly: Why there should or should not be these codes imposed upon us? Who benefits really from these rules?

Walking on the Wild Side is always insightful
& of course, great fun!!!


sororNishi said...

yes, indeed

I feel a Lou Reed song coming on.....

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