Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The winner of the Koinup Frenzoo Avatar Art Contest is.....

The Frenzoo Avatar Art Contest on Koinup, the virtual world portal, has come to a successful conclusion after over 50 entries and no-doubt countless hours of shopping and photoshopping (:

The winner?

None other than the fabulous GlitterGirl who now gets lifetime VIP on Frenzoo! She entered with a painting of her avatar painting her evil twin. A very creative entry, wouldn't you say?

Following is the glittergirl entry
glittergirl painting her evil ...

You can read the complete announcement also on Frenzoo Blog, where you can also admire some honorary mention submissions. More here

Koinup invites its members to continue to use Frenzoo and get used with the artistic and creative potential of this new-innovative 3d world, that now offers the chance to create directly 3d items or import them from standard 3d modeling tools. Explore Frenzoo


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