Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet Me in the Metaverse - Omega Point

There is little else more thrilling than an idea coming to fruition. Virtual worlds enable us to accomplish and experience things we’ve only dreamed about, read about, or seen in movies. Worlds like SL, the Sims, World of Warcraft and similar allow us to wander faraway lands or crawl into someone’s imagination. This week on Meet Me in the Metaverse, I want to take you to a Dark Fantasy/Sci-fi World…Omega Point.

Omega Point has predominately sepia toned infrastructure with a good bit of neon highlights. It feels very HR Giger inspired with surreal dark themed biomechanical imagery. Additionally, the creators worked hard to make this single sim into a richly full destination. They accomplished this by having several elevations that are all interconnected. It is almost so full you can lose yourself inside. I’ve visited Omega Point a few times and on each visit I’ve found even more than on the last. Omega Point is advertised as a hangout, but there is a bit of biomechanical themed retail products as well. This is a lovely place to spend some time especially if you are a science fiction fan.

OmegaPoint by senswansong
Photo by: senswansong

Senswansong's OmegaPoint captures this sim perfectly. As you can see above, the many walkways and neon accents and how organically mechnical this featured sim really is. Senswansong did a wonderful job with both the choice of windlight settings and the perspective.

Snapshot_019 by marmadukePhoto by: marmaduke

I chose Mamaduke's Snapshot_019 to illustrate the depth this sim has as well as the tenticle-like arm accents that really do make it into that biomechanical feeling I was discussing above.

Photo by: fiona_haworth

This last pic is one I took on my most recent visit. Each one of the shots I chose today seemed more of the raw photography style vs enhanced pics. Perhaps that is because this sim is so wild that it didn't need the extras.

I want to remind all you SL'rs to tag your pictures with the SLURL and share them with the rest of the community. All you need to do is add the sim name with /128/128/0 at the end of the prepopulated field titled Add SLurl.

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Caliburn Susanto said...

Gorgeous place; one of my favorites for eye candy.

And on an open-space region, no less. Would love to see what she would build on a full server.

My Omega Point Set on Flickr

Pier said...

Omega Point is absolutely one of the most fashinating places in SL, mainly the builds are pretty awesome! Good stream you have in Flickr Caliburn!

Fiona Haworth said...

Oh my...didn't even notice it was a openspace. Double wow! Really lovely flickr photos Caliburn. -Fi

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