Saturday, August 29, 2009

OMNIBUS erotica

It's not easy to define erotica, it's obviously quite a personal thing...:)) and I didn't want only to expose my own likes and dislikes (washing my clean laundry in public)......
I wanted to find a few images from the KoinUp vaults though that weren't what I would call Glamour, images of attractive males and females in "come and get me" poses, nor images looking like adverts for breast implants and lingerie.

I wanted to find some stuff which sort of smoulders.

This one which is called Mine by RayneBlood666 from the Sims is obviously heavily loaded towards the Vampire community ( vampires consider themselves a community, I wonder).
Now, whether or not the exchange of this particular virtual fluid is something you go for is a bit beside the point for me here.
I like the ownership, and the ease of this relationship and the look in his eyes.

The strange mix of Virtual and "real" background works for emphasises the other-worldy apparition.

Fee Quintissa has more than one piece which I could have picked here. Taken in Second Life, this piece is called Erotic 7.

Fee obviously knows how to capture a bit of smouldering, and, unlike many less experienced photographers, knows the value of a hard 'crop', (I'm not talking whips here, I mean the severe cutting out of all unnecessary bits of the image which contribute little to the finished image)..

Desire seems a very appropriate name for this piece by Leila Carroll also taken in SL. This is one of a series of shots which she took around a particular setting and pose, several of which I could have picked.

It seems obvious to me that what is hidden is often more erotic than what is shown, and Leila seems to share this view.

Now Marty86 took this photo in the Sims. Its called This Love.

Sometimes it's not necessary to get very fancy with your ideas. This is almost classic. The pose is familiar (made me smile) and near to the viewers experience (most of us, surely) and is therefor very accessible.

You just have to frame the shot well...and get that look on the girls face...:))))

Now, at first glance this is probably pretty far away from what most people would call erotica. ..... but, like I said it's a personal thing. Its called Creep, taken in the Sims by Sandyvm. I think it's a great image.

It has a familiarity, a story which doesn't need telling, it's been told visually.

I don't have issues with nudity or explicit sexual images, I just see more poor ones than successful ones, I wanted to give a sort of alternative view to those hot-blooded happy snappers out there in Virtual Worlds..... Erotica is, for me, that blend of tension, relationship, tender love, sex and power, and hardly a nipple to be seen...

Steamy is always better than anatomical, I think....



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