Saturday, August 29, 2009

Join the Face of Koinup Contest. Add your images to the pool!

We're going to renew the Koinup front-page, particolarly we're changing the pool of images displayed on the homepage. In order to create a new pool to feature in front of the largest virtual world community, we launched the Face of Koinup Contest. The participants of the competition are asked to submit pics taken in various virtual worlds and the winners will have the chance to see their entries displayed in Koinup front page!

The submission time is from 22th of august to 22th of september

Read all the rules in the Face of Koinup Group

Koinup is more and more perceived as a guide and portal to discover the most interesting stuffs, people and contents of the virtual worlds. So we asked the participants of the contest to submit images that show-off the most awesome stuffs you can find/experience and see in the metaverse!


The images above are some entries submitted by Franzael, WickedV and PeaceOfArt



victoriouspower jun said...

great entries showing the different faces of virtual worlds, well done

Pier said...

thanks victoriouspower! Its great to see in how many perspectives can virtual worlds be viewed

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