Friday, August 14, 2009

OMNIBUS .... Conflict

In last weeks post I tackled the subject of being bad. In the course of looking through all the images readers had uploaded I came across so many that dealt with internal conflict that I had to continue on this theme this week.

Conflict between the Unconscious and Conscious parts of our psyche are at the root of all these feelings and images, but it would be too much psychology to discuss these issues in depth here (see below for more on this subject).

Many of the images I saw depicted Good vs Evil or Angel vs Devil in a very literal way, dividing the image into two parts, an avi dressed in black and one in white.
Very few of them worked as a composition, this one, from IMVU, Angelos o Demonios by KuroAngel being more successfully composed than many.
Although these two nice little boys I would probably eat for breakfast, neither of them being very evil looking.

This is a lovely image, I think, and although it isn't labelled as a conflict image it has subtle duality which seemed to me to be on this theme. Your Voice Through a Photograph from the Sims is by Sour Tea who is obviously a talented image maker.

Good vs Evil is the title of this piece which, classically, externalises the conflict into two separate beings who battle.
Taken in Second Life by Daffodil Crimson... I think it works well as a composition and touches the archetypal subject matter; dynamic and interesting.

As I have said before i have great respect for those who manage to get some good imagery out of IMVU as they seem to have more basic tools than SL or the Sims. So this one, Devil Angel by Buldoga needed including.
I like the idea of the implied conflict, and the way that is carried into the use of the medium......a scratchy black angel.

Again, an image that externalises the Evil into a separate being, A Battle Between Good and Evil from the Sims, is a classic image very well executed by Sandybvv. Well composed, convincing action, good dynamics and a great use of colour makes this one of the best Conflict images I have seen.

Well, its obviously a big topic to judge from the number of images I have seen and I have really just touched the surface..... so....keep on with those photos... it's a subject that interests us all.....

Happy snapping.....



[The concept of Conscious vs Unconsciousness as the base of all conflict is taken from work by C. G. Jung. The premise being that the Unconscious is, by definition, outside the control of Consciousness and therefore acts autonomously (as it wants). Christian tradition labels all such psychic inspiration as Evil unless it has been approved by the Church, making all of us the home of Evil, and, therefore, guilty of everything. It is traditional to separate out this psychic element into an external being (rather a schizophrenic state of affairs) called the Devil, and blame him instead.]


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