Friday, September 18, 2009

Aren Mandela is a Robot with attitude

Travel with me to the world of Aren Mandela. Aren is a robot with a lot to say – he is opinionated and his sense of humor could be called radical or perhaps on the other hand plane rude. He is energetic, speaks his mind fully and without hestitation, he is sometimes a little brash, his style is a kin to a bull in a china shop, and as a result I know many identify with him. He is in fact a very funny man in a shiny white robot suit, with a refreshing if not slightly twisted slant on life. He has a grand and ever expanding Meta following and I am proud to call him a friend, even if he does endlessly moan about the scratches on his outfit.

So a little more background to lead you straight on into the questions area - Aren is a robot who conducts interviews, which he records and presents to the metaverse via his show - he introduces a cool mix of topics predominantly based or rooted in virtual worlds as well as venturing to cross over into Real life, and frankly I must admit you never really know what is coming next, as he is pretty good at mashing things up. The viewing is seamless and enjoyable. I like to watch whilst drinking tea. I myself am very accepting of most things virtual and I think because of this I am predisposed to simply seeing that he is a robot who conducts interviews. I take it at face value for the entertainment that it is. I dare say some some would simply view Aren as a cartoon talking head - which yes of course he is technically - but frequenting a virtual world lets go constraints that some non virtual users have around such conceptions. The series of interviews that Aren continues to make is yet another way to capture and document aspects of our life virtual using machinima, but adding a thick layer of personalty and humour on top. It's an interesting medium to work with and readily accessible to all. You can see a collection here He also runs a twitter account which you can follow by taking this click here

Q1. What brought you to the metaverse?
A. Well, your question implies a time before in which I did’t exist –
that isn’t relevant. I became operational on the 21st of January,

Q2 What is your biggest influence from the virtual world?
A. Me. I’m my biggest influence. Ask me a hard question.

Q3. How do you see the progress of visualization in the metaverse?
A. I have no *bleep* idea what you are talking about. Next question.

Q4. If you could change anything to access the virtual world better
what would you say or do ?
A.Again, what the *bleep*? I live in a virtual world. I don’t “access” it.
Next question.

Q5. How do you see the future of a virtual universe?
A. What is this obsession with talking about things other than me?

Q6. How do you select the guests on your show
A. It’s a highly proprietary, multi-sequenced process that has many
complicated aspects and caveats which preclude me from going into more
detail at this time.

Q7. Tell us in 5 words what best describes your show.
A. Robots kicking your ass daily!

Q8. Whom would you aspire to interview on one of your shows?
A. Well this week I’ve got interviews lined up with Summer Glau, Emma
Watson, Barack Obama and Yoda. That pretty much covers it except for
interviewing myself.

Now you have the opportunity to ask yourself 3 questions Aren so knock yourself out! ...
Q1. How did you get to be so awesome?
A. I was made that way. Also, I employ a special self-enhancing algorithm
to multiply my awesomeness on an ongoing basis. Basically I’m the
singularity of awesomeness.

Q2. What other questions are you going to answer today?
A. None. I’m outta here. I have lots of famous people type things to do.

Ok so just the two questions then, I expect he's late for the tech checkout on that squeaky foot of his - Aren also has a Koinup Account naturally all discerning robots do. So please feel free to drop on in!

Until next time here on Metanopsis!
Poid Mahovlich
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Faux Press said...

Love Aren Mandela! Thanks for interviewing him.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't ask him what the giant bubble on his chest is!

Pier said...

Great Piece Poid! Robots are quite inspirational when speaking about the metaverse.....

Poid Mahovlich said...

@cherylcolan - sorry ! but feel free to ask him via twitter ? I'm sure he will answer with gusto!

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