Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Koinup is now partnering with Club Cooee

We are proud to announce a new Koinup's partner: Club Cooee. Club Cooee is a new-innovative 3d Chat World, whose goal is adding an immersive-powerful layer to the chat experience and allow people to easily hangout 3D with their friends. We highly suggest our readers (and all the Koinup members) to give a try to Club Cooee and share their experience on here. We have also created a group for all the Club Cooee-ians on Koinup. We met Stefan Lemper, one of the managing directors of Club Cooee. Stefan is in charge of business development.

1. Stefan, What's exactly Club Cooee, and why is unique in the industry of virtual worlds?

Club Cooee is a new approach to virtual worlds. We are taking all the benefits from normal text based chatting and messaging and enhance it with a fun and lively 3D virtual world. With just 3 MB download we do not require a monster client software for a new full 3D experience which happens without program windows directly on top of the computer desktop. Club Cooee runs always in the background without harming other applications so the user stays all the time in tough with his friends, and sees whats going on in Club Cooee. It is very easy and casual to create your own 3D chatrooms and add user generated content. It is fun to see how members use Club Cooee to create great all kinds of scenery and items. On top they can easily integrate videos in their rooms, add their favourite music to share and party with friends from around the world. Some even use it as an easy to use webradio client.

club cooee rooms

2. What's your favorite demographics and how you plan to enter the market

Our users spread from teenagers to people in their twenties, that just like to chat, meet new friends or create great things in our world. We have people from 200 countries in Club Cooee but if you like to chat only with people from your country they are very easy to find. We grow strongly through viral effects but we also partner with great companies like Koinup, to spread the word about Club Cooee.

3. What's are your plans for the next months. Can you reveal some of the features you're going to release in the next months

We do have a lot of plans. What I can tell you, is that we will expand our game functionality. Right now you can already play fun casual games in Club Cooee and compete with your friends. Since our users love the realtime chat we will offer them soon board games, where the 3D room is the game and you and your avatar will be part of it.

4. It seems that most of the more succesfull virtual worlds are based on user generated contents. Are you opening the doors to indie developers and 3nd party creation and if not, how do you think to guarantee enough supply of contents for your members?

As a matter of fact we already enable users to create their own content. Thanks to our very easy application users everybody can create items right in our world so you do not have to buy and use complicated 3D programs. We want to everybody to be able to create. We were amazed ourself how member use all kind of items to create new things. For instance we have a user from Indonesia who built a rollercoaster in Club Cooee. For that reason we are just in the process of supplying special building sets, so they will be even more flexible to create new items.

5. Give us some tips for the new members. How get the most out from Club Cooee?
Just signup at www.clubcooee.com and explore Club Cooee. Style your avatar and meet new friends in one of our lobbies. Your are easily guided there. Make sure to stop by in one of the radio rooms from our users, where you can meet the webradio DJ and ask him to play your favorite songs. Create your room and invite your friends there. I am looking forward to meet users from Koinup in the Club.


Unknown said...

Very interesting creative world. I'm going to go inworld today to check out the capabilities. (especially the audio & music applications they have available)

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