Friday, September 18, 2009

Meet Me in the Metaverse - AngelGate

This week on Meet Me in the Metaverse I'm taking you to a small set of sims called AngelGate, Dark Moon, and AngelGate Celestial. The sims are advertised as a place for non profit for creative arts, therapeutic and spiritual exploration in a stunning setting. And wow they weren't kidding. The sims contain art installations, a castle, a labyrinth, galleries and just spots to ponder the universe. And it will certainly inspire you to take some really fab photos.

The universal labyrinth isn't of the traditional high wall maze type. It's designed as rather a path to reflect and if you cam up I felt it had a little bit of celtic influence. The teleports within are not to be missed.

The AG3 Gallery is a lovely place to see art from all over the grid. Additionally they host talks with these artists. These are wonderful events where you can hear things like process or what inspires the artist. Sometimes it's all in group chat and other times it's in voice so be prepared for either.

More information on AngelGate and the happenings can be found here:

Angel Gate by ShojiPhoto by: Shoji

This piece by Shoji really spoke to me about the real theme of AngelGate.....quiet reflection and inspiration. Shoji's pic just hit the nail on the head.

Dark Moon Islands by BluraySpykerPhoto by: BluraySpyker

BluraySpyker's Dark Moon Islands piece is a really lovely aerial shot of the sim. As you can see there are small separations of space each giving a bit different experience to the explorer. To the bottom left is the labyrinth I wrote about eariler.

Angel Gate by Ravenelle ZugzwangPhoto by: Ravenelle Zugzwang

Ravenelle's picture is of just one of the many different spaces in AngelGate. Here the flowers and butterflies glow just a bit giving it an ethereal feeling.

As you can see from the three pictures I've chosen is there is a lot of variety here at the AngelGate sims, so there is something for everyone. As always, if you are interested in having your sim featured on Meet Me in the Metaverse, please feel free to contact me in game or via the PM feature within Koinup.

PS....late breaking news there is a presentation on Starax's wand at 10am SLT today!!

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