Friday, September 18, 2009

Interview with the artist. Koinup meets Shoji

We have started to ask our community to suggest us artists and metaverse innovators to interview. The first "creative mind" we were asked to highlight on this blog is Shoji. Shoji is one of the most appreciated, popular and original artist on Koinup. He has a refined taste and his image are filled with imagination and passion. We invite you to browse his gallery and add Shoji to your contacts

Second "Street" Life 45


Q. When you're creating new artworks, where do you draw ideas and inspiration from?

A. I just explore and try to find settings that spark my imagination; the moment I see them, a lot of vibrant stories unfold in my mind. It’s a pretty much automatic process. Meanwhile, I may be a minority in KOINUP, where dark, heavily retouched photos are going mainstream. It’s not that I don’t like them, but I would prefer to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,” as Eric Idle sang in Monty Python’s movie “Life of Brian.” And I think this is what underlies my photos.

Q. What advice would you give to newcomers and beginners with Second Life art and photography?

A. Just continue exploring new places with streaming music playing. More often than not, well-designed places have good streaming music that revs up your imagination.

Hang on!

Q. What tools and photo-devices, software do you use to edit your photos?

A. Photoshop, Picnik and camera lock HUDs created by my friends.

Q. What are your upcoming projects as metaverse artist?

A. I’m now working on a new skybox gallery, which is part of Imagine plus Art Land, a new art SIM scheduled for launching on September 20. This SIM is going to be something that you’ve never seen before.

Q. Have you ever used other virtual worlds to create and express your creativity?

A. No, I haven’t. My focus is now on Second Life, though I’m a bit interested in Blue Mars.

Q. What's artist you'd love recommended for the next Koinup interview?

A. Bark Aabye, my mentor and a professional photographer in RL.


shoji said...

My View on SL Photography

Art is one thing and photography is another. True enough, but I’m not going to stay within the boundary of the latter when taking snapshots in-world. If the essence of photography lies in capturing fleeting, uncontrollable moments, leave such efforts to real-life photographers. I would rather explore every possibility of SL snapshots, taking advantage of what is available to me.

Too much retouching may prevent you from developing your photographic skills. Again, true enough, but I’m not in the least interested in such things. For amateur photographers, skill improvement is not an objective but a result. All I want is to have fun in what I’m doing, and hopefully it will amuse the audience.

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