Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Koinup’s Cream of the Crop - Not Possible IRL

Today on Koinup’s Cream of the Crop I’d like to feature a group that not only do I belong to on Koinup but one I am also a member of in SL. Not Possible IRL first gained my attention as a blog about virtual art, architecture, and products that one could never see in real life. Bettina Tizzy’s blog, in game group, and Koinup group all follow through on that very theme. The one thing I’ve always enjoyed about being a part of this group of individuals is the promotion of art for art’s sake.

Koinup's NPIRL group has 72 members and 372 amazing pieces of art. It's a great repository to peruse when you have some time. Additionally, I suggest reading Bettina's blog. It's at great way to spend a few hours or more and you'll find out about a ton of things to do in game. The Not Possible IRL group is open enrollment and has a 500L join fee. Bettina sends out a weekly notice with tons going on.

Leas-Just Hold Me (Precious Treasure) by LeaSupermarinePhoto by: LeaSupermarine

I love the mixed reality used in LeaSupermarine's Just Hold Me (Precious Treasure). Additionally the subject matter is just wonderfully fanciful.

Kazuhiro's Seadryke and Dravyn by BettinatizzyPhoto by: Bettinatizzy

Bettinatizzy's Kazuhiro's Seadryke and Dravyn was a pic for one of Bettina's blogs. The seadryke is SO SO SO fab. Check out Bettina's write up here.

Think Tank by ariel_brearlyPhoto by: ariel_brearly

I've become a real fan of Ariel's from flipping through all these pics for this gig. Think Tank is just one of the many in Ariel's collection. I love the surrealism of all her art.

Please feel free to PM me on Koinup and tell me all about what's happening in your groups. You never know when you'll be Koinup's Cream of the Crop pick of the week!

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Bettina Tizzy said...

Wowzers, just read this and I'm very grateful to you for posting it, Fiona. I'm delighted that you are enjoying our findings and as always, the Impossible IRL group is only as good as its members and our explorations.

By the way, there are actually TWO groups. The one you are referring to in this piece is Impossible IRL.

I also run Not Possible IRL which is a closed working group.

Pier said...

thanks Bettina, thanks Doubledown Tandino!

Fiona Haworth said...

Glad you liked it. I really enjoy your blog, koinup group and the in game group.

Lea Supermarine said...

Thanks very much for posting my picture here. Sorry it took me a while too find it out:(

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