Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Second Life featured artist. Enjoy the visions of Trixibelle

Trixibelle, also known as Cala Rossini in Second Life, is a profilic visual artist active in Second Life. Her visions draw inspiration from mytology (as the picture called Temptation, above) to poetry and various literary motifs

Bring Him Home

Trixibelle won the H20 Contest launched by the Orange Island guys with a splendid image, called: Give Praise to the Goddess of Storm (below)

Give Praise to the Goddess of ...

You can enjoy all the beauty in her Koinup gallery.

If you're a creative, or an artist or a machinimists or even a designer or developer active in some virtual worlds, you can apply to be featured on the Koinup Blog and show-off your works to the world! Send an email to editor@koinup.com


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