Monday, October 19, 2009

The Art of Burning Life .. Part Three

Now Burning life has had around a thousand people participate this year and for many it was their first time doing so, Burning Virgins.
I thought it might be nice, as a lot of press will be given to the more famous and accomplished builders, to show a few shots of people I have been to see, or encouraged to show this year.

Everyone has to start somewhere and if I can encourage someone to think of doing their first show next year then that would be excellent.

Here are 4 new Burners.

Firstly a girl called Trill Zapatero, who hasn’t reached her first rezzday yet, amused me (I am easily amused) with her ladders, I climbed up through the clouds effortlessly... this little hide-away which I enjoyed high above the madness below it felt very safe and secret. I thought this was a great place to hang out for a while.

There is the option below to take a balloon ride too, her slurl is... here

There is also the option of joining a group and building with others.

Two other new builders are both members of A Freak of Nature, a group I set up for people who either build or enjoy strange flora, so they have the same slurl.. here

In no particular order...... Pixi Cosmos, maker of this fine pink tree and various waterlillies on the site, has only recently started building and has shown some plants here for the first time... Pixi has a garden where she works and reworks her landscaping ideas in Carrick.... check out her profile, I’m sure you would be made welcome.

Snowy Hoobinoo is a creator of strange alien plant forms which are unlike the flora anyone else creates in SL and worth exploring further. He has a shop called EPIstems... check out his profile for details.

Then, Betony Greggan, also a newcomer to Burning Life created this classic little campsite
.... with all the sorts of details I would want in RL, including the walrus...:))

It’s nice to pop in and see these places, it sort of makes it more likely that you might build a camp next year if you have never done so before. It doesn't have to be earth shattering to give you an immense feeling of achievement, and the feedback you get is a great morale boost. The encouragement is vital, I think, to us all...old Burners and new.

So....if you haven't 'burnt' yet, talk to some of the new people on smaller camps and find out more....I'm sure you won't regret it...



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