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Meet Me in the Metaverse - Burning Life

Yesterday marked the opening of the Burning Life sims, and already we've had a number of really fabulous photos submitted to the Places collections. There are 34 sims with over 400 installations to visit. It's quite a sight to behold.

If you've not attended Burning Life before there are a few greeter stations available near the main gate of or

<a href="">Burning Life 2009 Cabaret of Flames</a> - a <a href="">Burning Life 2009 Cabaret of Flames</a> by <a>Poid_Mahovlich</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

Machinima by: Poid_Mahovlich

Our own Poid Mahovlich claimed a bit of virtual land on Burning Life - Rabbithole. She used some inspiration from the RL Burning Man and produced a lovely installation called Cabaret of Flames. It is full of fire, drums, and dance. Watch this lovely bit of machinima shot at the installation and then go experience it for yourself. Additionally, you can read more about Poid's inspiration at her website:

raftwet, xavier at burning life party for dj tasty hax by RAFTWETJewell

Photo by: RAFTWETJewell

This snap from RAFTWETJewell was taken at the Radiant Bliss Music Project installation located at Burning Life - High Rock. It's both psychedelic and a really fun place to party. They have events on Monday all day and Wednesday all day so try to stop on out and catch it.

Ub Yifu - Gulliver's travel scene by bark

Photo by: bark

As a huge fan of Gulliver's Travels I just had to include this installation by Ub Yifu. bark's photo of this installation on Burning Life -3 Mile is really wonderful. All the small people on Gulliver are about avatar sized and there are some poseballs for you to play on and takes some photos of yourself participating in the capture. Really wonderful work!

Burning Life only runs until Oct 25th so make sure you get over there and check out what our residents have created just for this special event. And stay tuned to Koinup's blog as we all bring you our own perceptions of such a fabulous event.

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