Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Koinup's Cream of the Crop - Heavy Image Treatments

Today on Koinup's Cream of the Crop I bring you the group called Heavy Image Treatments. This fab group of individuals are more than photographers. They use the screen capture as a jumping off point then manipulate it with a photo editing program making the picture into a wonderful work of art.

The Admin, SysperiaPoppy, writes "What interests me is not the shot itself, but what the artist wishes to do with that moment: How they feel, what they want to communicate and what means they use to do that." This group has 59 wildly creative members who have submitted over 650 works to the collection. For those of you who haven't tried your hand at such things, like me, there are tons of tutorials on the web about manipulating photos. I know after seeing some of these I'm gonna give it a try! Here are a few sites I found that may help you try your hand at it: Layering SL Snapshops in Photoshop, 30+ Most Wanted Photo Manipulation Tutorials and 75+ Huge Compilation of Stunning Photo Manipulation Tutorials.

Time and Space by Tessybaby
Photo by: Tessybaby

Tessybaby's Time and Space is a great example of layering a texture on top of a photo and really dramatically changing the piece. It is a really fabulously composed original photo or a nicely composed collage; either way this piece really pops.

Dreaming the Sky by NeveryLorakeetPhoto by: NeveryLorakeet

NeveryLorakeet's Dreaming the Sky is just fantastic! I can't tell where the photo starts nor ends. This is one of those pieces that just embodies photo manipulation techniques. I love it!

Flight of Icarus by photoliv42

Photo by: Photoliv42

Photoliv42's Flight of Icarus is another really brilliant piece. It looks more painted than photographed. Really lovely use of layering and filtering.

Please feel free to PM me on Koinup and tell me all about what's happening in your groups. You never know when you'll be Koinup's Cream of the Crop pick of the week!

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Fiona Haworth said...

Zenerx....those are pics made by our user base. I posted a few links to photo manipulation tutorials. That is a great place to start or you can try PMing our users.

Fiona Haworth said...

Wildstar - There are some real rockstars on Koinup. I never cease to be amazed.

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