Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Face of Koinup Contest - Honorary mentions

Picking the winners of the Face of Koinup Contest is going to be incredible challenge for us. On one side, we're so proud of the amazing quality of the entries. On the others, we are forced to pick only a few of them. This post is to announce we have picked about twenty entries for an honorary mention. Basically, it does mean that the following images really deserve to be mentioned and moreover, we can also, that the winning photos will be picked from this pool.

While waiting for the final announcement of the main winner (reminder: they will be displayed in the Koinup front-page), we have setup a pool specifically for the honorary mentions. Enjoy it now!

Disclaimer: If your pics are not here, it doesn't mean that they aren't valuable or well done, or excellent. This selection reflect the personal choices of judges (koinup staff) and it is based on what we think are the images that mostly represent Koinup


(image above by Maiyya)


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