Sunday, November 8, 2009

Koinup Blog Expansion

Since the call for new guest authors, Koinup Blog has been headed to expand the area of interests. Thanks to the active support of Poid Mahovlich, we're actively building a staff of bloggers that under the label of the "Koinup Blog" will cover fashion, art, machinima, education and all the creative things happening in virtual worlds.

Basically there are two big changes. First of all Koinup Blog is headed at cover news not directly related to portal. Then, the Koinup blog will be a genuine voice and tool to discover interesting things that are taking place in all the metaverse.

We have already a staff of 5 bloggers: Phaylen Fairchild, Poid Mahovlich, Fiona Haworth, Soror Nishi that are running their own columns

* Stories from the Machine by Phaylen Fairchild

* Metanopsis by Poid Mahovlich

* Koinup's Cream of the Crop by Fiona Haworth

* OMNIBUS by Soror Nishi


We are also pleased to say and announce that both Harper Beresford and Grace McDunnough have also agreed to join the bloggers role here at Koinup. They will cover fashion and music. These are two topics that are expanding from Second Life to all the metaverse, thanks to projects like "Rocking the Metaverse" and new worlds that are allowing user generated contents, as Frenzoo, IMVU, etc

On the next weeks, we will work on restyling the style of the Koinup blog page, by giving a more prominent visibility to the columns of the bloggers. We welcome also proposals from other authors to launch new columns and we're looking also for your genuine feedback on the job done and the direction we're moving on


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