Friday, November 6, 2009

OMNIBUS M is for me, me, me...

I was bought up to be modest and that is a bit of a handicap when it comes to self-promotion. So, since I started my Second life I decided not to be backward in coming forward.

As you have, dear reader, enjoyed my musings here on Koinup, I thought I would share some more detailed information with you about myself.

Interviewers aren’t forming an orderly queue at the door, so, like a lot of things in life I will have to do it myself.

Age? 2.5 years old.

Origin? Harajuku, SL.

Sex? Rarely...(there’s nothing wrong with old jokes.)

RL name? ....I would have to kill you.

What inspires you? Me (duh!), it’s not like I’m gonna say...”my fridge”, or “Life” is it?

Why do you use so many colours in your work are you on drugs? (a question I am often asked...) No, that’s how many colours there are in the spectrum, I didn’t know there was supposed to be a limit. My drugs are coffee, nicotine and Sauvignon Blanc.... don’t see how they would affect my colour choice.

How did you learn about building? Kaltusaran Moonsoo was my first mentor in SL, he got me interested in building, showed me what Blender could do (but not how to do it) and told me not to watch Blender tutorials (well, there weren’t any worth watching at that time).

Where do you live? This is where I bought some land and called it Soror Nishi Beach, not very original name, I’ll grant...but does what it says on the box.

Enough of this interview technique..... I’ll just do some fav’s.....

My favourite avatar..... this is Betty Rogan in an av by Yoa Ogee (on the left).

My favourite build.... This is Nested Cubes by Selavy Oh.

My favourite build by Me.... This is Magoo by Bark... open til the end of November....more images here.

My favourite Koinup Photo..... OMG by brunaozao

My favourite photo by Me.... White Tree

My oldest friend in SL .... Pixi Cosmos and the only person I have met in RL.

and.....I had better stop or I’ll be at this all day.. there anything more you would like to tell the reader about your work or philosophy? No. (hmmm....maybe I should brush up on my interview technique...)



White Lebed said...

Me, me, me,...loves Soror!! First, I saw those strange trees from another world, then I grew to like gentle elegant but somehow not boring flowers, then I started collecting very recognizable head/body attachments by Soror, and now reading Soror's blogs....
Very happy to have you as a friend!
P.S. modesty is sooooo overated! ;)

Cole Marie said...

*should have interviewed you just to ask questions I could get away with finally*

Ah well.

I should start a blog >.<

But seriously :)
You are a very generous and talented woman and I am glad I know you ;p


sororNishi said...

@ white...aww, thank you soo much, you are a gem.

@ can ASK anything...:)), and yes, you should start a blog.

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