Saturday, December 12, 2009

SaveMe Oh

If an experienced artist takes the realm of the emotions as her canvas we would be well advised to stand back and enjoy...... the emotions arising from the work are of our own making, SaveMe Oh simply makes little mirrors
..... and gets banned from sims.

It is always foolish to under-estimate someone.

so....the most controversial artist in Second Life is surely worth a chat.....

..”I explore the creative challenges and limitations of SL.....Crossed quite some borders already but also found huge walls.”

Seeing this as a statement of her personal arrogance rather than a social comment on the competitive nature of artists is to miss the point entirely. Art cannot be graded or ‘marked’ as it was at school, one persons path is as valid as another’s.

.” an artist you also reflect on whats around you. Art is a mirror with two sides...”

SaveMe Oh first came to my attention when she was banned from Caerleon, not a difficult sim to be banned from, I was ejected from the group of Bright Young Things by the intolerant Georg for telling him his sim looked like an Art Ghetto.

She had put on a performance piece in the middle of Bryn’s lecture on art and that didn’t go well as it provoked emotions in the middle of a serious art enterprise....
.....” for me thats meaning of art, confrontation, not to amuse or for relaxation.” it went well for SaveMe Oh......” thats another problem in SL, the lack of humor they all take themselves so serious....”

Where SaveMe Oh is more courageous than I is that she returned to Caerleon in an alt....(SaveMe OHare)....
This is taken from her website...

“SaveMe OHare: he georg, when are you going to unban me here?
Georg Janick: you are unbanned – how else would you be here?
SaveMe OHare: im with my alt, clever guy
SaveMe OHare: I always have to change avi because you are so lazy
Georg Janick: so how you been SM?
SaveMe OHare: I survived
Georg Janick: I heard you were being banned
SaveMe OHare: my sister was
SaveMe OHare: not me
Georg Janick: oh I see
Georg Janick: I mean ejected from sl
SaveMe OHare: no, that was a rumour my sister spread herself
SaveMe OHare: you know her, always searching for attention
Georg Janick: I want you to know that I was approached to help with that
Georg Janick: But I refused
Georg Janick: so I want a reward
SaveMe OHare: will a kiss do?
Georg Janick: for a start
SaveMe OHare: did you shave?
Georg Janick: where?
SaveMe OHare: where you want the kiss?
Georg Janick: haha
Georg Janick: I will think about that one
SaveMe OHare: dont say your ass please
Georg Janick: never
Georg Janick: besides my ass is bald
Sabrinaa Nightfire: interesting conversation
Georg Janick: haha
Georg Janick: very intelligent interchange
SaveMe OHare: maybe you can make a colourful artwork about it.”
As many have discovered, “ I will never shut up, only to be the dog of a simowner...”..

SaveMe also seems to be made of fairly strong stuff in RL too....
“She can be very resolute. The last time we were together in rl, two weeks ago in her garden, she threw a rolling pin at a squirrel – killed it flat dead.

And she was only explaining why she doesn’t like people who wear moccasins”

(bruco satre)

I cracked up....

Political art has always been an important part of modern society. A country, world, gallery or blog that refuses to let an artist with conscience and social intent express dismay or anger is impoverished, doing themselves and society an injustice.

I have heard Swiss, Austalians, Americans and Norwegians all call their country “God’s Own Land”... that is an inherently dangerous opinion (Jung likens it to the Shadow) but most will accept that other people can say that their country is a toilet.

Not allowing another opinion makes you a bigot.

Holland, SaveMe’s home, has many hundred years tradition of religous tolerance, so what she sees as disguised racism in Switzerland is obviously going to get hit.
“I try to provoke, and get reactions and that works quite well”
All was fine until she subtitled her piece “Cuckoo” with the words... “Fuck The Swiss”..... she was banned from Pirats.

Moral outrage is the last hiding place of the bigot.

Their loss I think.

Any artist with such a sophisticated sense of humour (“.. the problem sometimes, they take me too serious..”) is a gem

and SL is lucky to have her.



Pirats said...

We prefer artists who draw corkscrew or calculators than artists who use insults and xenophobic words in the media group for supposedly art performance.

SaveMe Oh said...

When you wear the tag PIRATS and you behave like a middle of the road conservative conformist, we, artist have a long battle to fight.

sororNishi said...

Well, drawing a corkscrew falls very short of my definition of art, but then each to his own.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. So when saveme goes to an artists event and chat spams it so that nobody can read the artists views ... it is not removing that artists freedom to speak. Yet when she is banned from an event it is her freedom of speech that is being taken away. Sounds like a double standard.

Pirats said...

@Anonymous : You're right !

Pirats, whose staff is composed only of artists, trying to offer to all artists a genuine free tool to promote their art. Some persons thinks that is wise to fight us because we ask them to respect this tool where everyone has a place.

In this case, conformism is not to try to improve the capacity of a group of artists adapting to each and innovating in the way of doing this, but didn't get out of a rigid framework of a pseudo-freedom of speech in which only one that speaks louder has real freedom.

Anonymous said...

Soror, there are several issues which you have addressed here, and I feel that they are well-served to be addressed separately. As to what constitutes Art, I will leave that to the "Critics" and address the following two issues:

1. As to what constitutes Performance Art

I know Performance Art very well.
I lived with a Performance Artist, know his Performance Artist friends, and have seen many, many Performance Art pieces. And You, SaveMe Oh, are no Performance Artist!

As two-dimensional art has its venue, i.e. the walls of a gallery or museum, so has Performance Art. The Performance takes place during a pre-determined time period at a pre-determined site and with a pre-determined intent.

To interrupt and destroy other people's presentations, work, group chats, etc. is NOT Performance Art. It is just obscenely rude and, perhaps, dare I say, totally ego-centric. The role of the Performance Artist is NEVER to DESTROY the WORK OF OTHERS, but rather to INFORM, CREATE and PROVOKE within pre-determined boundaries in time and space.

While SL may (hopefully) be free of many of the constraints we are so dutifully (and horrifyingly) bound by in RL, it is not an anarchistic society.

Perhaps SaveMe Oh does have much to contribute. How about contributing it in a venue that is so-designated, so that we can all get on with our lives?

2. As to who or what should be banned in SL

I have yet to understand what constitutes Grounds for Banishment in SL from groups, parcels, or personal space. Personally, the entire idea of banishment is totally abhorrent to me. It seems there are no clear guidelines or rules in SL and it is left to the personal discretion of the Ban-or. I, personally, object to this vehemently. However, it is not the lack of rules in the Terms of Service to which I object.

I object to the concept of banning anyone or anything and I object to it being conducted at the whim of the glorified Ban-or. Surely there must be better ways to exert control over content or personalities.

I speak from recent personal experience when I say that I find the concepts of "banning", "muting" and "un-friending" to be horrifyingly fascistic. What is next?? Burning books???

I originally felt SL to be Utopian. Sadly, I have recently become aware that this is very far from the truth.

Still, I suggest that surely we are able to find better means of keeping the peace.

Isabella Alphaville

Cole Marie said...

Thank you Isa.
You took the words right out of my mouth and saved me a whole lot of typing.

As for the anon comments...
Bitching about taking away freedom of speech while taking others away...
Double standard much?
Yes I am in agreement.

I will leave out all personal info on this because I'm not here to catfight.


As saveme oh's profile says:
"I am here to save you or be saved"

This is what I do...



I've been saved.

A whole lot of headache :)

Phaylen said...

I didn't expect to visit this blog today and find a graphic that read "fuck the Swiss," and as we are a global community, find something of that nature highly inappropriate.

I think that members of the virtual world need to maintain some self awareness. Virtual Worlds are not yet considered a serious platform for art where such extremes are deemed acceptable. Perhaps a dramatic performance in the real world will be met with rave reviews and declarations of genius, but in a governed world will not win you an Pulitzer, it will earn you a suspension or ban.

This isn't a matter of something stirring a shock value or a carefully devised manipulation of the human perspective and reaction as true artist greats have mastered. This is bigotry. This is intolerance. This is virtual world griefing. All to often we have people hiding behind the veil of anonymity that virtual living provides and they exploit that to intentionally inflame, harass and abuse others. It is something done every day in every virtual world, and this is the first time I've heard it called art.

Perhaps more appreciation for Miss Oh's style would be warranted if there was a bravery to it. Getting banned from a sim, or the deliberate attempt to accost others with offensive words and imagery doesn't indicate bravery to me. It is not risk-taking in any manner, real life of virtual, that many associate risk-taking with controversial art in any context.

Never is one more free to declare their opinions than when they have a great chasm between their real lives and their virtual lives. In this context, people do not need to be afraid of repercussions as a result of doing so. I will be the first one to advocate the rights of others to speak freely and openly in any world, regardless if I agree or disagree with the statements made. When an opinion moves beyond simple statement into intentional imposition on another person/group/community or culture with only the explicit intent to incite a disturbance in a virtual environment where the action is perhaps the most unnecessary and inappropriate, then I think it is worth no more than a pitiful roll of the eyes and a utilization of the mute function.

There is a person behind every avatar. The emotions and effects experienced by many are incredibly real and valid. That said, it is not okay to exact hatred for personal amusement. That is not art. That is, in our worlds of the virtual kind, a violation.

And such sensationalism doesn't require, nor does it deserve the validation it's been given in the article above.


Chrome said...

Ahhhh, the disruptive force of an enlightened artist, purifying the world for the (r)evolution... nothing like the smell of synapses firing in the morning. No, thanks, I've had enough purifying for one lifetime.

What this world needs is not another brand of fundamentalism - philosophical, political or religious - but a careful examination of one's own life and a willingness to serve others, not save them. Art cannot save the world, or even change it very much; though in the balance of things I'd call it a definite plus. Let's get on with the sheer joy of creating; there are worlds to conjure out there.

sororNishi said...


Isabella Alphaville said...

Bravo Chrome!!!

SaveMe Oh said...

It will not take long before I will be accused for all trouble in secondlife. As if I personally damaged futures of promissing avatars, as if I killed the works of the millions, as if I am the only existing evil where everybody can point at and say: "she is the devil". It is amazing how much trouble people have when somebody just try to say the truth. But the only problem is that everybody is just afraid somebody is playing with their toys. Lighten up and try to have a good laugh once a while, it cures!

Pirats said...

I'd be worried about having only words about guilt, a truth that I would only hold and the idea that I should heal the world in spite of himself. And I do not like others play with my toy without asking me permission.

Isabella Alphaville said...

Don't flatter yourself!
You are hardly the Devil

You are a mere annonyance
more like a blood-sucking tick

What makes you think that your truth is "The Truth"?

I would like to hear all manner of "Truths",
but your constant babbling won't allow me or anyone else to get a word in edgewise. . .

You are not responsible for anything in SL but negativity and destruction. There is enough of that in RL, without having to deal with it in SL.

Life is very short.
As far as I am concerned, your 15 minutes are up!

savemeoh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chrome said...

This remark is far more revealing of the workings of your own mind, SpareMe, than it is of your intended target. It ain't pretty.

Pier said...

I invite readers stop these kind of offensive comments. This blog is not for personal remarks, but for an open discussion on topics and various topics.....

SaveMe Oh said...

When the art is personal, felt as offensive by some, then the open discussion here is part of the artwork. Name of the artwork is SaveMe Oh and the various topics around her are very relevant to the discussion about virtual art, mistaken by some for real art or a possible real person behind her (although some even doubt that).

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SaveMe Oh said...

I may look bad, crazy, disgusting ot what else you want to call me but I always take care I wear underwear!

Isabella Alphaville said...


I would suggest the discussion stop at this point.

It is no longer a discussion on any level whatsoever concerning anything to do with Art.

Personal attacks are vile and have no place in either RL or SL.

And I refuse to be personally threatened in any arena by the rantings of this lunatic.

I say: Burn her along with Savonarola!!!

SaveMe Oh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
André L said...


Anonymous said...

Kouinup Means Shutup by SaveMe Oh

As I already predicted the censors also are in the ranks of the kouinup team. Again we find there some person with a pot of white paint to wipe out the comments he thinks (and who is he to have that power?) are not ok. They get especially itchy when comments start to be personal. Funny thing now is that most comments are from avatars, pixelate actionhero’s, dramaqueens, activists and virtual artists who never walk around secondlife with their rl pictured glued to their avatar. Inside they are allowed to play, in my case untill a certain level, but outside they have to be serious, well educated, sensibele people who want to rescue the world.
To read the comments, also the ones wiped out by the moderator, read the comments under my blogpost

I hearby declare that my remarks about the virtual exposure of the genitalia of the virtual avatar Isabella Alphaville has no connection with the rl genitalia of the person behind Isabella Alphaville nor is the person behind my rl avatar in whatever way interested to know more about the rl genitalia of the rl person behind Isabella Alphaville.

Art in virual worlds will only be taken serious when an avatar learns to smile.

Source :

SaveMe Oh said...

To Quote or not to Quote, that is the question.

SaveMe Oh said...

People, it is not really fair to publish here 29 comments while the poor people from PIRATS only have 2, including me and Soror herself. Please leave also a comment there, the poor people work 15 hours a day on their project!

Ed Vespucciano said...

As an artist "of" sl, I love this arguement! Second Life is the PEOPLE behind the avatars and their interaction, not just the lo-res 3D graphics they make. It's about dynamic ideas.

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