Saturday, February 20, 2010

The 2010 MMIF Machinima International Film Fest Kicks Off Today!

And you can watch it LIVE as it happens! Film makers from around the globe who create content in virtual platforms of all types are being showcased in the 2nd Annual MMIF that takes place LIVE in Amsterdam at PlanetArt and simultaneously in Second Life! Can't attend? Don't worry! You can catch all the fabulous fashions, awesome films, Q&A sessions and join the chat with other viewers during the streamcast live online, as it happens, here:

Expect to see films made in iClone 3D, World of Warcraft, Prototype, MovieStorm, Second Life, The Sims 2 and many more as creators converge both in the real world and the virtual world to celebrate the art of film making!

If you can make it into Second Life, you can teleport directly to the MMIF sims here!

Unfortunately, The live venue at PlateArt in Amsterdam is by ticket only. So get yourself comfortable and join some of the most amazing creators in the metaverse NOW!


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