Monday, February 22, 2010

Koinup and partner to promote virtual worlds photography

Koinup and, the italian online magazine dedicated to virtual worlds, are now partnering to promote the most interesting examples of virtual worlds photography and art. "Graphic Dreams" is the name of the new brand column born from the partnership of the two companies. The goal of "Graphic Dreams" is to showcases Koinup talents and creative minds, photos, snapshots and artworks published on Koinup. Graphic Dreams is an exclusive space for Koinup members, powered by the staff of

In order to make more easy for SLnn staff to browse interesting contents, we have created a Koinup group , where Koinup members can add their photos, snapshots and artworks. staff are regularly browsing the entries of this group and each week, they will pick one member for a dedicated editorial on the Graphic Dreams column!

Would you to have your photo gallery reviewed and promoted by the SLnn staff? Get started by joining and contributing to the Koinup official Graphic Dreams group!

The following are the Koinup members already profiled on the pages (congratulations!)

Prinz Photo Studio
Nessy Shepard

Image above by Sims_Dreamwitch77


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