Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Koinup App for Avatars United users

The indefatigable Talia Tokugawa just built a Koinup app for Avatars United users. Once installed, the app allows users to display their Koinup photo-streams in the Avatars United profiles.

The app is based on Koinup rss and it make possible to display in your Au profile page, a flash photo widget with your latest pics posted on Koinup.

You can find the app the "TT Koinup user feed" appby browsing the Apps Directory in Avatars United or by following this direct link.

In order to activate it, you must only insert your Koinup username in the Koinup user name tab and it's done!

If you're a Koinup members, this is the best way to update both the websites with just one click! If you're not yet active in Koinup, you can consider to create an account and use the app in order to have a flash photo widget in your AU profile!

Thanks Talia


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