Saturday, February 27, 2010

Twinity: Dardo Photography Gallery opens

As far as I'm concerned, Twinity's main attraction has always been the ability to visit real world places in a virtual world. No need to hop on a plane, just load the client and teleport to London, Berlin or Singapore! And yet, to foster and sustain an in world community, this is not enough. After you have seen the famous buildings a few times, you may not return often - unless there is something else that draws you back in. It seems Metaversum is aware of this, and so they organise a lot of events in world to keep the community engaged. Fashion contests, guided tours through London and Berlin, quizzes, opening parties for new venues, language courses, discusions, art and movie events: Twinity has it!

But Twinizens do their own events as well: music, parties, pub crawls and such. The ones which are planned in advance, are usually listed on the Events list, and these can be attended by everyone.

One of tomorrows' events concerns the opening of a new art venue, the Dardo Photography Gallery, which will take place at 16.00 CET. Unfortunately I can't make it, so I went for a short glance at the works today:
Dardo photography Gallery

A mirror world like Twinity is a perfect venue for art like this. Just give the Twinity client some time to load the pictures; you'll enjoy the result! When time permits, I'll be back tomorrow evening for another look at these beautiful works.

While viewing these works, it also occurred to me that Twinity is a good place for copyright holders. Other than taking a screenshot, there's no option to take a copy of an art work into your own inventory. This is, in my opinion, a good thing.

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