Monday, March 1, 2010

Koinup Mobile App - Other ways to get your images included

Dear readers, if you follow this blog, you know Koinup is bringing the best images of the website to your mobile with the "3D Wallpapers" project. 3D Wallpapers is the upcoming mobile app that Koinup will release on the Ovi Store, the Nokia Store for apps (and later over other platforms). If you wanna your images to be included in the app, you can take part in the contests ( and Second Life SnapshotsAvatars). Moreover, we are launching other ways for you to be considered in the pool of the app.

Specifically we're browing images with fantasy and/or scifi themes for specific categories that will be profiled in the app. So, if you want your images to be considered and eventually included in the app, post on Koinup screenshots and artworks with fantasy/supernatural themes (and add the tag: fantasy) and/or images and avatars with scifi/cyber themes (and add the tag: cyborg)

All the virtual worlds and games based screenshots or images and artworks will be considered!!!!! Good Luck!


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