Monday, March 1, 2010

A new Frenzoo mini-machinima feature.

set phasers to stun

These days, Frenzoo released a new feature that further empowers its already vibrant and active community of users. I'm talking about the new Frenzoo mini-machinima utility that allows users to record a few seconds of action in the client and save it automatically as a gif animated. The micro-machinima feature, that it is something as "an animation tool meets a video capturing software", provide Frenzoo members with a new way to share their experience from the client to the web, in a easy and quick way. With this mini-machinima feature, Frenzoo is going to hugely appeal to the large community of virtual worlds users that are more interested in creating contents for the web (pics, machinima, artworks) than inworld stuff. Some of these users are also huge fans of Koinup, too.

To launch the feature, Frenzoo setup a contest and invited me to judge the entries. I had a lot of fun, while browsing these micro-machinima. You can view the winning entries in the Frenzoo forum. If you're interested in staying updated with the Frenzoo news, I suggest you to subscribe to the Frenzoo official blog.

(Image above by queen_elle )


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