Friday, March 19, 2010

Media response to the Frenzoo and Koinup partnership

After the launch of the partnership between Frenzoo and Koinup, aimed at bringing a new easy way to share snapshots and send postcards from Frenzoo to Koinup, we saw a vibrant positive response from the media and blogs. The reason is that the metaverse and the web must be closer and integrated onto each others.

Thanks to this partnership, both Frenzoo and Koinup members will be easily able to autoshare images from Frenzoo to Koinup and via Koinup, these images could be also crossposted and forwarded everywhere on the web. (here details of the launch)

You can read reviews of the Frenzoo/Koinup initiative on Hiperia 3d News,, , Virtual Style Divas and over several twits with Malburns, Poid, akYip and many others

The initiative is part of the Koinup effort aimed at making easier the integration of virtual worlds and of virtual worlds onto web. Moreover, it's a further step to empower the creativity of virtual worlds users, giving them new and effective ways to share contents and express their creativity.


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