Thursday, March 25, 2010

Skateboarding through Twinity London

Exploring is recognized as an important aspect of virtual worlds; it's one of the four key motivations of virtual world users (Castronova, page 72, citing Richard Bartle). As it happens, one of the cool things to do Twinity is exactly that: exploring the cities of Berlin, London and Singapore. In the past I have spent quite some time walking - and running - through these cities, looking for famous streets and buildings, shops and such. This obviously takes some time, as walking isn't exactly a fast mode of transport.

Metaversum has recognized this issue, and they came up with an elegant solution: a skateboard! Uniquely suited to move fast through any city, a skateboard is a great way to explore. Tonight I bought one, and did a quick trip through London:

<a href="">Skateboarding through Twinity ...</a> - a <a href="">Twinity Machinima</a> by <a href="">SeredWoollahra</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

London isn't completely finished yet; thinking about those poor medieval explorers who were afraid to sail to the edge of the world, I bravely went over Twinity's edge to see what would happen. It wasn't scary at all, I just got to skate below London :) By the way: I found out that pressing the control button in Twinity doesn't only make you run faster, it also speeds up your skateboard!

No editing was done, this is one complete recording. It was created with the Wegame utility on a slightly dated laptop with a less than stellar graphics card! The video recording facility in the Twinity client itself (introduced somewhere in 2008) seems to be gone at the moment - at least it's not available to me.

Sered Woollahra blogs at Sered's lives and lives in Second Life, Twinity, Eve Online and OpenSim.


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