Monday, May 17, 2010

Be a Newb, not a Noob

Are you a newb, or are you a noob? Newcomers to virtual worlds, social networking sites, or gaming platforms like World of Warcraft may not see the difference between the two terms. Besides, they are phonetically the same. What's the big fuss over a little "ew" or "oo"?

If you want to have a smooth start in a virtual world, educate yourself on the the difference between the two:

Newb is a newcomer who is lost, aimless, but polite, friendly, and willing to learn. Noob (or even worse, nOOb), is a newcomer who throws obnoxious, arrogant snarls at long time members or poor, unsuspecting newbs. They make mistakes without concern, and continue to do so despite the advice given to them by other members. Basically, noobs think they know what they are doing, but are usually just annoying other members.

If you want to avoid noob status, a fate worse than newbieness itself, follow these few tips. They will guide you in any world you join, including Twinity, Blue Mars, World of Warcraft and so on.

1.) When naming your avatar, avoid terms that refer to private appendages, the size of such appendages, or your irresistable sexiness. Examples are:

Sorry, examples are too profane.

2.) When you begin in a virtual world, nonchalantly laugh off your newbie clumsiness rather than getting angry and going on a rant.

3.) Don't go around, in-world, begging anyone you run into to give you currency for that world.

The FCC Disapproves4.) Leaving your avatar running around nude where it is not allowed isn't just embarrassing, it's down right noobish.

5.) Upon your first chat with another member, do not begin with these phrases:

ur hot
lets have sex
give me coinz plz ktnx

Or any variations that make you look like a cyber perv, virtual beggar, or annoying, non-literate person.

6.) Do not stay away from your keyboard too long. If you abandon your avatar in-world, others will notice a lonely figure standing looking about sullen and aimless.

7.) In worlds like IMVU and Frenzoo, making lewd sexual comments upon entering a room is a one-way ticket to noobness.

8.) Using interactions on other members can be fun. Just don't over use them, or your antics will become annoying.

Follow these general rules and you will be able to get by in just about any platform. Just remember, every virtual world has its own culture. That means every world has its own social expectations. Nudity is appropriate in some areas of Second Life, whereas completely restricted on Frenzoo. A have found a few members on IMVU that prefer offensive humor, but in other worlds offensive humor is--well--offensive.

Any other general or world-specific tips?


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