Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Twinity shopping tour

To be honest: I don't like to go shopping, really. It's inconvienient, tends to consume copious amounts of money, and what's with those clothes anyway? I just want the same pair of jeans I bought last year!

Virtual world shopping is, however, a different story. You get to teleport instantly to your destination: all shops are just a mouseclick away. You can buy or wear pretty much anything you like: it's 'your world, your imagination'. And most of the time, it's affordable too! It's no surprise that things like fashion, avatar accessories, home decoration and designer furniture are popular in these worlds.

Twinity is no different and number of shops have opened to cater to the discerning Twinizens' tastes, be it in clothing, accessories, tattoos and hair, lingerie, furniture or other interesting items. If you want to get an idea of what's on offer, you should do the Twinity Shopping Tour! Starting at the Twinity Welcome Area, it brings you to a number of shops where all sorts of virtual goods are sold. The tour ends at the London Shopping Mall, where many more shops have a small presence.

The Twinity Shopping Tour isn't an overview of all stores in Twinity. I missed, for instance, Drykorn, furniture shop GPals and some animation stores, but it's definitely a nice start to shopping in Twinity!

Twinity Shopping Tour - Tattoo...


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