Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lost World Contest: 5000L$ for Second Life photographers

Lost World team is running a memorable contest on Koinup to promote the re-opening of the amazing Lost World sim. Lost World is the brainchild of Lolmac Shan, and has recently undergone stunning renovation by Lolmac Shan, Iolanda Wiedman and Sebcaen Neox.

This contest is a celebration Lost World's beauty, atmosphere and imagination and the creators of the sim would be delighted if you can all participate.

If you're a Second Life photographer, you can't miss this chance to visit the incredible Lost World sim and take the challenge of getting the pretty interesting prize of 5000L$ (and some other goods) supplied by the Lost World authors.

How to take part in the competition? Two steps: join the Lost World Creative group and start to explore Lost World to get some inspirations for your pics. Don't forget to read all the rules & guidelines before entering your submisssions!

(thanks to Trixibelle for the tip; image above by Trixibelle)


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