Thursday, May 13, 2010

Recent updates on Koinup

We have recently added some new features to Koinup, with the goal of improving the user experience on the website. Following is the most newsworthy:

1. Facebook "Like" feature on any Koinup page
Right now, you can interact on Koinup, without login on the website, by using the new "like" Facebook feature. The contents you "like" are then featured in your newsfeed, increasing the visibility of both the authors and the Koinup website

2. Original Size
Many of you asked about this feature many months ago. So, we're glad that now Koinup supports the original size of the images you upload. If you're sending to Koinup large files and high definition photos, all of this will be now kept and shown to visitors

3. Bulk selections of groups
you can now add your works to many groups, simply by check the destination groups in the page of your images.

4. Moviestorm Channel
In our effort of making Koinup the most important destination for all kind of creativity and art related to virtual world and 3d, we created a specific channel Moviestorm, the 3d machinima dedicated tool.

All the updates and new features have been built by the Koinup CTO, Edoardo Turelli


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