Thursday, May 20, 2010

COLORE. The most "colourful" and exciting group for metaverse talents

If you love artworks, photography and images of virtual worlds, you can't miss COLORE, one of the most active groups on Koinup. Founded by Baroque and LookatmyBack, COLORE is collecting some of the most beautiful Koinup pictures and breath taking talents. The group has been specifically launched to recruit artists, images and raise the interest for a Second Life art gallery, called "Colore Art Gallery", a lovely place in Second Life, where you can enjoy exhibitions dedicated to any creativity form, from photography to installations, digital sculpture and so on.

The guys at COLORE are now running a contest inspired by a specific color "purple". The participants are invited to submit to the pool images with purple or inspired by the meaning of "purple". Winning works will be displayed in the Second Life Colore art gallery.

The COLORE group admins (Baroque and LookatmyBack) are getting the most out of Koinup, by leveraging the creativity of the other members of the website, and by creating exciting events inworld that further enchourage membership and friendship.

Join the COLORE group now!

Image above by Baroque


Lookatmy Back said...

Thank you so much for your article on Koinup blog, pier! We really love it as much as we love meeting our Koinup friends inworld. This is the main reason which motivated us in starting such an adventure: we wanted to set up a place to meet them inworld and show their visions, works, ideas and creativity. Colore Art Gallery is not a commercial land, it's just a place to spend a moment together with our friends from Koinup and Second Life.
We would just add a grateful thank to our friends and contributors for showing the best of their creations and submitting them to COLORE and...
Well, just stay tuned to discover our future initiatives! =)

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