Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Top 6 reasons to join Koinup, now!

If you're an old fashion member or are you're thinking about joining Koinup these days, maybe you wanna know there are so many things to do on the website. The following are the top 6 reasons to join these days and get involved in some amazing Koinup community initiatives

1. The 1 Minute Machinima Contest
If you like machinima, this is your chance to get started with a new amazing tool for creating virtual videos and win cool prizes. Join here

2. Lost World Contest
There're such amazing places in Second Life, one of the most amazing is the Lost World sim. Lost World staff is now running a photo contest to promote the new refreshed look of the sim. Read more

3. Slnn is looking for talents
If you're a graphic artist and/or do you like taking amazing photos in games and virtual worlds. Then, you can't miss the Graphic Dreams group. Any week, one of the member will be picked for a featured editorial on the SLnn magazine. Join here

4. Evocative Landscapes Contest
Evocative Landscapes is one of the most amazing groups on Koinup, featuring the best photos of virtual landscapes. They're now running a contest, you can't really miss! Join now

5. Hiperia is looking for machinimists
Hiperia 3D News, a loyal Koinup media partner, is looking for machinimists to highlight on his magazine. Join the Hiperia 3d News machinima group to be considered for a promotional piece on the Hiperia 3D news

6. COLORE art gallery: the best destination for Koinuppers
Wanna enjoy amazing exhibitions, performance, art shows in Second Life. There's a new place for that: COLORE art gallery. Enjoy their group on Koinup to stay tuned with their initiatives


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