Thursday, July 29, 2010

5 Amazing metaverse groups to enjoy, while on Koinup

This week, Koinup members created a series of interesting groups, that you might want to join in order to stay tuned with inworld charity events, enjoy amazing virtual photography and keep high the buzz.

Loquacia Loon founded a Koinup group for Relay for Life. Relay for Life is the popular charity program for cancer research and now you can follow the events and/or get in some way involved by joining the Koinup group and stay tuned with inworld activities. Loquacia is also the admin of the most amazing show/pool of virtual cars. The Metaverse is an amazing environment also for naturalistic photography and ElleThork founded a group to showcase the most amazing photos of "virtual flowers"

People that are enthusiast both for Koinup and Twitter could join and/or follow 5Tweets, the buzz group created by Harper Ganesvoort that will feature the most tweeted images published by Koinup members.

Photo above by Prandi Capalini


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