Thursday, July 29, 2010

Twinity: Miami

Tomorrow is a big day for Twinity, when Metaversum opens Miami Beach for all to see. Today I was able to take a look there, and I must say I am really impressed! Metaversum recreated a part of Miami Beach, mainly the areas around Lummus park and Ocean drive, including the beach of course. There's lots to do - funny animations hidden everywhere - and plenty to see as well. Miami Beach could well become a favorite place for Twinizens to hang out.

We know Twinity follows a natural day and night cycle; this means that when it goes dark in Europe, it's still sunny in Miami! This, in my opinion, has got to attract Twinizens, especially when winter comes in Europe.. I can see myself lounging at sunny and warm Miami beach, when the nights are cold and dark over here!

Tomorrow and in the coming days, there will be plenty to do in Miami, to celebrate the launch. Check the Twinity blog for details!

As they say.. 'pics or it didn't happen'. Here you go: Twinity Miami @ Koinup (of course)


Amazon Viner said...

Metaversum seems to be on a roll lately! Can't wait to see what else it has up its sleeves.

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