Sunday, November 7, 2010

COLORE group announcing a new Second Life photo contest

One of the most large community in Koinup "The COLORE" group is now announcing a new SL photo contest open to all Second Life members. The new themed contest is around the concept of: "feathers". The contest starting date is the 3th of November 2010 and the submission time will stop at 3th December 2010. The participants will be judged by the two admis of the COLORE group: LookatmyBack and Baroque.

In order to participate you have to join the COLORE group, submit your entries to the pool and post the url of submissions in the dedicated discussion thread

Above is one of the first submissions to the pool (that it happens to be one of the most coolest Koinup artworks ever, too (art by Sisar))


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