Friday, December 31, 2010

A selection of the Top Koinup Artworks of 2010!

If you are familiar with Koinup, you know how many artworks any day are published on the website by this amazing community. Recently we managed a contest to recruit images for the Koinup frontpage and as conseguence we have been inundated by tons of amazing entries. This post is an hommage to some of the most valuable and appreciated - by the community - artworks posted on Koinup on 2010.

Autumn Magic by Carlotta Ceawlin
Autumn Magic

The destructive doll by Medeathena

Lady Aprella, the destructive ...

Forgotten Memories by Sisar

Forgotten Memories

Avis de Tempete by Little-Elfe


Beauty always comes with dark thoughts by Lithea
.:°Beauty always comes with da...

Lonely by Sika

Sympathy for the Devil by LookatmyBack
Sympathy for the Devil

Along with these, there are many other amazing artworks that got on top of the Koinup Masterpiece Chart. I invite you have a look here to view more

Have a wonderful new year!!!


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