Saturday, January 1, 2011

A selection of the top Machinima posted on Koinup in 2010

Along with the amazing digital art, Koinup is a well know destination for machinima-makers and on the website you can watch amazing movies shooted in virtual worlds

The following are some of the most acclaimed machinima published on Koinup in 2010

a Patrovsky flux by Toxic Menges

<a href="">a Patrovsky flux</a> - a <a href="">Second Life Machinima</a> by <a href="">toxicmenges</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

Stay with me tonight by Rockerfaerie

<a href="">Stay with me tonight</a> - a <a href="">Second Life Machinima</a> by <a href="">RockerFaerie</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

Valentina by Vive Voom

<a href="">Valentina Riflesso Machinima...</a> - a <a href="">Second Life Machinima</a> by <a href="">ViveVoom</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

Virtual Adams first and last birthday by Lorisrizzo

<a href="">Virtual Adams First and Last ...</a> - a <a href="">Moviestorm Machinima</a> by <a href="">lorisrizzo</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

You can enjoy some other amazing videos in the Koinup Top Machinima Section


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