Saturday, January 29, 2011

Collaborative Creativity come to Koinup

After the release of CC Koinup licenses and the announcement of Pile-Up Festival, we started to see a growing number of collaborative initiatives built by the Koinup community.

Some members started to create raw images offered for pileup to enchourage the creativity and imagination of friends. And friends took the assists to experiment their own creativity.

You can follow and/or take part in this initatives by joining the Pileup Group

The following are some examples of this amazing collaborative creativity

Rubina created this 3D hair mythological image

MedusaHair for PILE-UP Group

Remixed by lillyane_inshan to make a fantasy marmaid composition

Into the blue

Maagiha took a self-portrait, asking other to re-interpert the image

"portrait" - for Koinup Pile-U...

PralineB turned Maagiha in 30th Diva

1930, Casino de Deauville

Trixibelle posted the raw version of one her most popular portraits

Cala - for Pile Up project

...turned in a new "awesome portrait" by Nath

Cala -pile-up


maa said...

:) Super! This has been a great experience...

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