Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's use Creative Commons Licenses on Koinup

I'm pretty excited to announce the release of Creative Commons Licenses on Koinup. CC licenses are based on a "copyright infrastructure" that support the sharing of contents and cooperation across different contents and authors. With the release of CC on Koinup, our goa was to give authors, artists and all the Koinup members a more robust tool to share and publish contents on Koinup, while providing them also with the ability to choose if authorize others to use or not their creation and choose also what kind of uses would be authorized or not.

CC licenses mean more options to control and share contents!

You can set the license of contents, by choosing among the classical "all right reserved" license and 5 main CreativeCommons licenses (Attribution, Attribution NoDerivs, Attribution NonCommercial, Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivs, Attribution NonCommercial ShareALike) Basically the set of licenses give members a wide set of options and a complete control over their creations.
In order to celebrate the launch of CC, we started a collaborative project called: PileUp Festival Basically the Pileup project asks participants to publish raw images (set with the correct CC license) and let others remix them. Discover how to engage in this initiative
You can set the CC licenses while uploading contents on Koinup (by clicking on the "Show Privacy, License, CrossPost & Watermark options" in the upload page) or you can edit your already published works in the work page.

We hope you can enjoy, use and get the most ouf of this new feature

pile up festival


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