Monday, February 21, 2011

Enhance your Blog with the Koinup Widgets

If you own a blog - mainly if built upon the Blogger platform - you can easily enhance it with the Koinup Widgets, with just a few clicks.

The Koinup Widgets are Small Galleries and Flash Slideshow that could help you to display your (and/or your friends) coolest pictures into your blog.

To install a Koinup Widget in your Blogger journal, you have to visit the Koinup widget homepage, choose what kind of images you wanna include in the slideshow (yours or from your friends, coolest or recent, from any virtual worlds or only one of them), select the destination (blogger, facebook, myspace, etc) and grab the code or istall it automagically to the selected destination.

If you're exporting to blogger, remember to check the sidebar tab, in the widget menu. This way the widget will be automatically installed in the sidebard.

Here some screenshots to visualize the procedure.....



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