Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why you should add Captions and Tags to your Koinup Contents

While surfing on Koinup, it happens quite often to view images or machinima without captions, description and tags. Indeed, this penalize the chance you have to let others (and friends) stumble on your works and enjoy them. So let us explain a bit more the importance of adding these layer of informations to your contents.

If you use/add relevant tags to your contents, other people will have more chance to find your contents while searching on Koinup or while searching for specific keywords and keyphrases on search engines.

If you add the tag: avatar to your pics or machinima, these pics will be searchable in the avatar directory on Koinup ( and in the search engines the contents will be detected by people searching for the keyphrases: avatar pics or avatar pictures

It's very important to add title and descriptions to your contents, too, because these info, do help others to understand and appreciate better what you're going to express with images. Moreover, the captions will make your images searchable by the internal Koinup search engine. This will increase the number of people that will view, comments and leave feedbacks on your gallery and will help you to find new friends.

It's very nice (and funny) that SavoreeLeDesir created these days, the group Caption, Please . A sort of forum where you can ask other Koinup members to suggest you a caption for your images. Then, if you are running out of imagination, you can always your buddies a title for your creations


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