Saturday, April 16, 2011

Graphic Dream 2.0

graphic dreams

After some months of interruption, Graphic Dreams - the art project powered by the partnership between Koinup and the Magazine MondiVirtuali aimed at supporting the virtual creativity - is going to start again. Here you can read the first article dedicated to the amazing Koinup artist: Anais.

Any week (starting from this one), - one of the most read magazines focused on virtual worlds - will feature one of the artists of the Koinup Graphic Dreams group. Then, if you're not a member yet, I highly suggest you to join the group and start to contribute with your pictures. The staff of MondiVirtuali will periodically browse the entries and will pick any week one artist for the weekly column. Here you can find some of the previous stories.

You can even join the Facebook Graphic Dreams Page
p.s: How to get considered for the story on Join the Graphic Dreams group, submit your best pictures related to virtual worlds, stay tuned with the weekly column on

Above one of the Anais images featured in


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