Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to discover amazing places in Second Life

second life placesBeyond the excellent Second Life Destination, there are other ways to discover amazing places in Second Life (and hopefully soon other virtual worlds). Indee, many Metaverse members are using the Koinup Places Directory to discover new sims in Second Life.

The Koinup Places Directory is the Koinup section where you can find all the maps and locations daily posted by Koinup members.

The places are sorted in the Koinup directory "by just discovered and coolest places". The "Just Discovered" features the most recent sims discovered and posted on Koinup members, while the "coolest places" tab display the most coolest places posted on Koinup.

How we measure the "coolest" and how do we assign "the coolest" attribute to a location posted on Koinup? We use a social ranking algorithm. Basically if a location is shared and posted on Koinup by many people, then it will enter the coolest tab.

Thousands of people are daily using the Koinup Places Directory to find exciting and wonderful places to visit in Second Life. We added recently a Twitter feed to follow the most recent places added to the directory while on Twitter (so you have only to follow @Koinup on Twitter to stay updated)

Start Exploring Now!

(above a photo by photo by DagashiHoratio of one of the coolest places of the directory: Forgotten City)


Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting point about landscape photography made by @VickFocella on Twitter. He was asking why we show such empty landscapes which always look "so empty, soooo empty and lonely".

I answered that it was because we want to highlight the art of the sim builder and to do so we often have to get out own avatar egos out of the frame. But the question has got me a little rattled as a landscape photographer. My question - in photographing the lovely places of SL are we also making the world look a little inhospitable to visitors?

Loquacia Loon

Pier said...

Loquacia, thanks for the comment
indeed, I think that exploration/discovery is part of the second life experience, then I think that "the amazing empty landscapes" appeal a certain kind of user (more interested in art), while at the same time didn't appeal people more interested in the social activities... Anyway, the landscapes are only a part of the contents that you can find in Koinup...

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