Thursday, May 15, 2008

A new Sponsored Contest! SL Portrait

We are pleased to host on Koinup the first Developer Sponsored Contest! The Contest is brought to you by Ananka Media Systems and it is the 1st Portrait Second Life Contest hosted on Koinup!

Here You can read all the rules and discover how to win the amazing PhotoTools Pro created by Ananka Media Systems.
Phototools Pro includes PhotoStage, a powerful photography toolkit especially designed for studio modelling, portrait and still life shooting in Second Life, plus PhotoLite, a lightweight toolkit for on-location shooting.

The Ananka Media Systems Contest is the first episode of a series of sponsored contests, which will be hosted on Koinup and brought to you by some of the most popular Metaverse Developers

If you are a developer or designer, sim creators or company involved in metaverse, you can submit to us your ideas for a contest (write to: and type: sponsored contest in the subject line) and you could have your contest, hosted on Koinup

If you are a machinima maker and took part in our previous Music Videos Contest, probably you would have heard about a polemic about the winners and some presuntive steal of ideas
So let us show you, which it the Official Koinup Position.

1)Koinup didn't pick the winners of the Music Videos Contest (nor we picked in the previous contests)

2)We willfully nominated some autorhitative judges, that with their unappealable decision choose the winners and runner ups. All our judges have great authority in machinima and Second Life Art. We totally trust them. We haven't any complain with their work. They made an amazing job. More, their decision have been taken collegially, for free and without any external influence!

3)All the Second Life Community on Koinup has been unique. We haven't see any kind of artworks steal or other kind of abuse

4)All the winners (communities winners and jury-picked-winners) deserve their win and their prizes! Winning videos are original, well done and really unique. Congrats to them!

5)The current Portrait Contest and the upcoming Sponsored Contest are brought to you by Developers. Rules and Guidelines are based on the Developers decisions. But, anyway, we host these initiative on Koinup, because we think that they are great project, not offensive and above all really appropriate for our community.

6)Beside the debate on who win and who not, we think that contests are a good boost for the users creativity and they give a lot of visibility to all the participants (also, if they won't win).

Beside this stand, we wanna thank you some members that gave us a lot of constructive feedback, suggesting us the following features:

1)Make more clear the judging criteria (subject, execution, technical skills, etc)

2)Provide different prizes for different kind of wins

We will try to improve these aspect in the next contests.


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