Saturday, May 17, 2008

Searching on Koinup

We have improved the search tool on Koinup! The Search was a weak point on the website. So we have started to put our hands on it! Following are the main improvements:
1)In the head search box (see the image), now you can always choose to search in members & skills or in everyone's works. Use the drop-down menu and select if search in works or in members

2)In the Head Search Box, the default option is to search in everyone's works

3)In the search page you can now more easily pass from the "search in everyones" works to the "search in members"....
You can find the link to switch at the botton of the page, near the paging....

We have still to work on this, you can consider it, the first bunch of improvements...Other are upcoming in the next mounths...


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