Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Windlight Contest Show and Jax Streeter!

Today, May,20th at the 11AM SLTime you are invited to the opening of the Koinup Windlight Show At the Rezzable Cannery and to attend the Live Music Show by Jax Streeter!
The Art Exhibition features the three winning photos and other 7 runner-ups from the Windlight Contest

The Music Star Jax Streeter will play live for about 1 hours and the uber-judges Torley, Pastrami Linden and Vint will do their best to take part in the event!

To Join the Show, Click Here and once you reached the Rezzable, you’ll see a big sign saying ‘Koinup & Rezzable’. Click the TP disk located under it, and we’ll get you right to where you need to be.

All Video Makers and Photographers are invited to take photos and videos of the show and post it on Koinup!


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