Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Winners of the Quintessence Contest!

The Photo Institute and Koinup are glad to announce the winners of the Quintessence Contest! The contest was about what you think it is quintessential in your SL
well....andt the jury of the contest picked the following three works as winners:

First Prize Love by Aleida

Second Prize Kiss the Rain by Solange

Third Prize Exploring by Andega

The three winners will get the prizes supplied by The Photo Institute
and they are invited to claim the prize, by contacting inworld: Kee Llewellyn

The Photo Institute desire to thanks all participants for their great entries and partecipation....

Koinup staff would love to thank you all participants, the jury and the Photo Institute for the great competition support and professionality

Beside the winners, we would love to mention some of the works that according to community are the coolest of the contest.....
they are the following....












Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all the winners and much thanks to the community for mentioning my pick "Morning Yearning"... it is a very special piece and I'm happy to know that it touched some of you.


Anonymous said...

Congratz to all!
I loved Solanges "Kiss the Rain", so am happy it came in on 2dd place!

Also thanking the community here for liking "Infinite Creativity (at the touch of some buttons)" :o)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all three winners, well deserved for all of them. Also congrats to all who have been mentioned as favorites by the community, for me it is a real honour to be part of them. Thank you.

Pier said...

stephen, gany, eves
I'm glad your works has been soooo appreciated by the community ...

community is always a good test for the value of works and talent!

Pier said...

....and because of that we enabled this way to sort works, that we called: coolest!

it managed the action of community on works and rank them!

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