Saturday, August 23, 2008

Try now to send a postcard!

Each Koinup member has its own Koinup Upload Email. Thanks to this upload mail address, members can send postcards from There and Second Life to Koinup without saving pics on hard drive!

The Send Postcard Feature is a fast, easy, cool way to share photos, places, slurl and hot spot of our virtual life!

If though, easy to use......Some people came across some difficulties while sending their first postcard!

So, beside the step by step tutorial.......we have enabled a public email address, that each one can use for sending its first test-postcards!

The email address is:

When in Second Life, you can send a postcard to that email address and get your postcard featured on Koinup!

Postcards sent to:
arrive on Koinup with the name of the avatar who send the postcard...
but they will be listed under the user-name: Try

You can send the postcards to
as a test for learn the functionality

to have the postcards under your gallery, you have to retrieve your Koinup Upload Personal Email Address here!


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