Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2nd SL Photo Safari: Tempura

Sea Flowers

I'm glad to officially announce the 2nd SL Photo Safari at Tempura Island! The Guided Photographic Tour is scheduled for Friday 22th of august, 5:00 AM SLT

Tempura is one of the most attractive Sims in Second Life and on Koinup you can browse some awesome streams!

Tempura Island is owned by kikunosuke Eel. kikunosoke will guide us in Tempura, showing the amazing forests and the hidden secrets of this amazing place!

SL Photo Safari is a project by Koinup!

You can read about our previous SL Photo Safari over at Crucible, here!

All Koinup members are invited to take part in the Safari and share Second Life Pics of their tours

We will gather at the center of the Tempura Sim!
To Join the Safari you have to follow this slurl now!

Reminder: tag your safari photos, with the following tag:


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